About Z

I’m Zainab (spelled Zei-na-eb), a developer who loves to break electronics apart to see their inner workings, and been at it since kindergarten!

I come from the tiny little island country called Bahrain, and live with my noisy, 13-member family. And oh, I have a twin sister to boot! 😀

My Story

I graduated from Bahrain Polytechnic July, 2014 with a bachelor’s in ICT – Programming major. After graduating, I originally wanted to become independent and live humbly on sales from my own projects.

Unfortunately, I learned the hard lesson of you have to spend money to make money. :/

So, I changed my strategy and now I’m working at a startup full time while I invest my salary into my business and my self, developing skills I lack as I go.

After 3 years I quit the workforce due to stress and some health concerns, but I managed to save up enough to cover a full year of expenses. So, I decided to restart Z’s Laboratories in full throttle and focus on game development while building up a small business.

Why Z’s Laboratories

I love building things and growing as an individual, and Z’s Laboratories is here to share my journey with others and perhaps help you grow with me as well ^-^



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About Z’s Laboratories

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