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The Minimalist Lifestyler Screenshot

Monthly Reflection #6 – I Love Game Jams!

Written by Zainab Al-Ansari on . Posted in Blog, Reflections

Every last working day of the current month I publish a report reflecting on the previous month. These reflections exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences and help transfer what I learn to others.

The Past Month

During August I worked on my current flagship project Against Sahara, participated in the Zanga Game Jam 2018 and reviewed my work schedule to come up with something better.

Against Sahara – Current Status

I’ve bought domain name for its future marketing website (nothing there yet), and I’m in the middle of finalizing the game’s design after building prototypes and testing.

I should be finalizing the design (concept/story/game rules/art/etc.) by 6th September next week.

Zanga Game Jam

The 2018th edition of the Zanga Game Jam happened from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th and we had a local site at Corporate Hub 9 in Amwaj Lagoon – Muharraq.

I joined in with a couple of new devs and built with them The Minimalist Lifestyler around the theme Minimalism.

The Minimalist Lifestyler Screenshot

The Minimalist Lifestyler Screenshot

This jam is the 4th I’ve joined in the past 12 months, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!.

They’re an awesome way to meet and work with new people and play around with fresh ideas 😀 .

New Weekly Schedule for a Healthier Self

I felt like my growth was stagnating and my health was deteriorating slightly, so I decided to experiment with a new weekly schedule.

Starting from last work week of August (26th – 30th), instead of small blocks per day for various activities I separated the week into blocks.

On Sunday it’s Gym Day, when I focus entirely on exercise

Monday is Study Day, where I focus on improving existent skills and learning new ones (currently learning Houdini).

From Tuesday to Thursday is project work, which is mainly business activities for Z’s Laboratories and Against Sahara for now.

The effects so far are promising!, starting the week with heavy exercise left me energized for the rest of the week, and dedicating a specific day(s) for study and work made me more focused and ended up a bit more productive than usual.

But it might just be due to excitement of the change so won’t know for sure till I review results during next month’s reflection.

What’s Next: Learning Houdini & Building Digital Demo of Against Sahara

I’m going through Houdini’s official “Houdini Fundamentals” book at the moment, and plan to complete it by end of September.

I wish to make my own assets for my games and chose Houdini as my tool of choice, so this is in preparation for making Against Sahara’s art.

Once I finalize the game’s design, I’ll start building the final version of the game, starting with a story-less and art-less demo.

This ends this month’s report, hope you enjoyed and if you have any feedback please comment below 🙂 .

Blue Door Red Door

Written by Zainab Al-Ansari on . Posted in Game

Blue Door Red Door is my 7th Game Zanga game jam submission, with the theme of You Always Have a Choice.

I worked on the game by myself for a few hours.

You can play below, I recommend playing in full-screen mode by clicking the full-screen button in bottom right corner.

Xbox 360 Controls:

Movement: Dpad/joystick

Xbox controller support was not tested, but should work.

Keyboard Controls:

Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Tools Used:

Unity 3D game engine

Project Source:

Download the project source files by clicking here. You’re free to use it for anything without attribution.

Please note that this is a throwaway prototype project and not suitable to build a full game on.


P.S: It’d be great if you could post some feedback on the game 🙂


Written by Zainab Al-Ansari on . Posted in Game

Sadly is our GCC Game Jam entry, which ended yesterday. It has won a runner up prize and we couldn’t be any happier 😀

The game jam’s theme was Hope

Our team was made up of me, my twin sister Fatima and our friend Eman Naser.

You can Play Sadly by clicking here, Enjoy! ^~^

Xbox 360 Controls:

Movement: Dpad/left joystick

Jump: A button

Menu item click: A button

Menu item select: Dpad

Leave game and go back to main menu: Back button


Movement: Left/Right arrow keys

Jump: Space bar

Menu item click: Space bar

Menu item select: Up/Down arrow keys

Leave game and go back to main menu: Escape button

Tools Used:

Construct 2 game engine

Adobe Illustrator

Spriter for 2D Animation


P.S: It’d be great if you could post some feedback on the game 🙂

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