Time To Switch Gears

Studying light and color and starting a new project, my first commercial game!.

Every last working day of the current month I publish a report reflecting on the previous month. These reflections exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences and help transfer what I learn to others.

The Past Month

I mentioned last month how my lighting and coloring sense suck, so I did quite a bit of studying this month, mainly on the visual side of things.

I signed up to The Gnomon Workshop for a 1-month subscription and went through the following courses:

Lighting & Coloring Practice

With practical skills you have to apply them to learn, and so I practiced lighting and coloring using a pre-made scene from the asset store:

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What’s Next: My First Commercial Game

Since April 2018 I focused almost entirely on building up my game dev skills, and it’s finally time for me to put them to the test.

I already started working on my new project in late July, and plan on finishing a demo by mid-August (hopefully).

I’ll be announcing and showing a physical prototype of the game (final game will be digital) during our local game dev community’s next meetup on August 4th.

As for the UE4 VFX course, I didn’t apply what I learned just yet since I decided to prepare a demo for Gamer’s Day in Saudi that will be happening in October.

I’ll be going through it again at a later date, either during the new project if I decide to create original VFX for it, or after finishing the game.

This ends this month’s very short report, hope you enjoyed and if you have any feedback please comment below :).

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