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Sadly is our GCC Game Jam entry, which ended yesterday. It has won a runner up prize and we couldn’t be any happier 😀

The game jam’s theme was Hope

Our team was made up of me, my twin sister Fatima and our friend Eman Naser.

You can Play Sadly by clicking here, Enjoy! ^~^

Xbox 360 Controls:

Movement: Dpad/left joystick

Jump: A button

Menu item click: A button

Menu item select: Dpad

Leave game and go back to main menu: Back button


Movement: Left/Right arrow keys

Jump: Space bar

Menu item click: Space bar

Menu item select: Up/Down arrow keys

Leave game and go back to main menu: Escape button

Tools Used:

Construct 2 game engine

Adobe Illustrator

Spriter for 2D Animation


P.S: It’d be great if you could post some feedback on the game 🙂

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Zainab Al-Ansari

A budding game dev :D

Comments (2)

  • Hax Belmont


    Pretty solid game (I would call it a demo though)
    Responsive controls pretty good
    The horse draw style is goofy but good
    The only downside is the background

    Overall it’s good it shows you’re capable but you need lots and lots improving of your skills in every department.


    • Zainab Al-Ansari


      Thank you for your feedback Hax, we’re definitely working on improving our skills ^-^
      This game is a 3-day Game Jam submission, so it’s not a full game.


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